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The Mylar Shop Mylar Bag Size Guide

The team at Mylar Shop are always looking for feedback on how our bags are used and what bags we could introduce in the future to best suit our customer’s needs.

The excellent feedback and comments we have received on the Mylar bags that we stock has prompted us to expand our Mylar bag range, from just 4 back when we started to over 20 now!

Mylar is a trademark of Dupont, the company that developed the material in the 1950s, but the word Mylar has now become a generalised term used to describe aluminium polyester films, in the same way that the word Biro has come to mean any ballpoint pen, or Sellotape or Scotch tape to mean any clear adhesive tape.

Because of Mylar’s strength, durability and stability, you can find Mylar in packaging and other applications all around the home and workplace, from crisp packets, to helium baloons to SIM cards to freezer bags.

The most important features of Mylar for packaging and storage, other than its strengh, is its barrier properties. Mylar bags can be sealed to create a protective environment through which gases, moisture and light cannot penetrate. This protects the contents of the bag from the outside, and means that gases, such as odour, cannot escape from the bag to the outside.

Below you can see the full Mylar Shop Mylar bag range, from the smallest 3 inch by 4 inch (7.5cm by 10cm) bag, right up to the 19 inch by 29 inch (48 cm by 74cm) bag, which has a capacity of approximately 5 gallons (23 litres)!

  1. Mylar Pouch – 9cm x 10cm
  2. Mylar Zip Lock Bag – 10cm x 15cm
  3. Mylar Zip Lock Bag – 20cm x 25cm
  4. Small Mylar Bag – 15cm x 15cm
  5. Mylar Zip Lock Bag – 10cm x 15cm – Black
  6. Mylar Zip Lock Bag – 12cm x 20cm
  7. Mylar Bag – 20cm x 30cm
  8. Medium Mylar Bag – 25cm x 35cm, also available in HD 7mil (189 micron) thickness
  9. Mylar Zip Lock HD Bag – 25cm x 40cm
  10. Heavy Duty Mylar Bag – 35cm x 50cm
  11. Large Mylar Bag – 48cm x 74cm, also available in HD 7 mil (189 micron) thickness

Many of our most popular bag sizes comes in both standard and heavy duty (HD) thicknesses, for different storage and packaging needs. We also stock both plain-opening and ziplock-opening bags, for convenience and ease of use. All bags can easily be heat sealed, with a normal domestic iron or hair-straighteners, or any heat-sealing device.

You may also be interested in our helpful chart showing how much of a particular food / item will fit in each different bag size: What Volumes of Foods Fit in Which Mylar Bags?

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