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Survival and Mylar Bags

Survival and Mylar Bags

What do Mylar Bags have to do with Survival / Survivalism?

Any person with an interest in survival will have heard of Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers but may not quite know where they fit into the survival effort. Well one usage of Mylar is as an emergency survival blanket as Mylar reflects light and heat with such efficiency that it makes a very good light-weight survival blanket. This relates to Mylar’s usage in food storage as the same properties that lead to Mylar being a great survival blanket material also lend themselves to making Mylar a wonderful material when storing food long-term for yourself and your family. You will often hear oxygen absorbers mentioned at the same time as Mylar bags and this is because once your food is packaged in a Mylar bag you will want to maximise the length of time it will keep for! Well you can do this by using an oxygen absorber which will suck up any available oxygen left in the bag and there will be none left to react with your food making it go bad. The survival community is always looking for more sources of Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers as they are usually quite hard to find without having to buy a very large amount of them. Well that is why Mylar Shop exists so be sure to check out the bags we have for sale here: Mylar Bags

Tips to Consider when using Mylar Bags for Survival?

There is nothing complex when using Mylar bags for long-term food storage and survival however you will become more proficient in the sealing of the bags and the correct usage of oxygen absorbers as you go on. One of the most important things to note is that whilst Mylar bags are quite hardy and resistant they DO NOT respond well to being folded. Most quality Mylar bags are of a thickness (more then 0.3 mil) that multiple foldings of the bag will create small tears and pin-prick holes in the bag itself. These small holes will result in a much less efficient survival effort and your food WILL NOT last anywhere near as long. We would strongly recommend making sure to purchase your bags from an online shop that understands this fact and, like Mylar Shop, uses postal tubes to send bags where multiple foldings would be needed. Another tip is that for long unattended food storage you should consider using buckets as well as the Mylar bags to stop vermin and rodents from gnawing through the bags. There is no point having perfect storage methods and then having a rat end up eating through the side of the bag! Something else that is often overlooked in using Mylar bags for survival is properly and clearly labeling your bags! You might scoff at the idea that someone serious about survival would fail to label their food clearly but it is seen all the time. When talking about long-term food storage, and that is the type of storage that is most common in survival scenarios, it becomes more important than ever to properly and permanently label your bags!

What Equipment is needed for Mylar Bag Survival use?

Thankfully very little equipment is needed! Most serious survivalists may eventually invest in a vacuum heat sealer but it is not a necessity. Everything can be done efficiently with an iron, a flat surface, a pair of scissors and a permanent marker! I won’t go into the uses and usage of mylar bags and oxygen absorbers here as we have plenty of information on that here in our Product Information section.

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