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OxyFree Oxygen Absorbers

At Mylar Shop, we sell only genuine OxyFree 504A oxygen absorbers. At many of our competitors, you may find photos showing OxyFree oxygen absorbers, but when you receive your order you may be disappointed to find inferior generic oxygen absorbers in the package. In this article I will outline the reasons why OxyFree oxygen absorbers are the best available, and why you should not risk spoiling your stored food and other materials by using cheaper alternatives.

OxyFree pioneered oxygen absorber/scavenger technology, introducing the first oxygen absorber of its kind to the market in the early 2000s, the 504. OxyFree have continued to develop the 504 oxygen absorber, improving quality and broadening the product range to now include 8 different oxygen absorbers for different applications.

The OxyFree 504A is a multi-purpose iron-based oxygen absorber that is suitable for many applications in food science. It is non-toxic, food safe and eliminates oxidation of food, thus maintaining freshness and preventing growth of micro-organisms. The 504A absorber is particularly suited to food storage, packaging and preservation, including for high fat and water content foods such as pastries, cakes, dough, dehydrated and smoked meat and fish, as well as dried cereals, grains, beans, vegetables, rice and pasta.


Bacteria, funghi and other harmful micro-organisms can grow in environments with as little as 0.5% oxygen. OxyFree oxygen absorbers reduce oxygen content to no greater than 0.01% oxygen within 6 to 24 hours and maintain this low level for the shelf life of the product. In contrast vacuum-sealing alone will only reduce the oxygen content to between 0.5% and 2% and only for a temporary period.

Using OxyFree oxygen absorbers for food preservation reduces or eliminates the need for other preservatives, keeping food as clean and organic as possible and free from artificial preservatives.

OxyFree 504A oxygen scavengers/absorbers also feature the OxyEyeTM oxygen indicator, a clear visual indicator of oxygen levels within a seal environment. If the OxyEyeTM is pink in colour, there is less than 0.01% of oxygen within the environment, meaning the oxygen absorber is fresh and ready for use. If the OxyEyeTM is blue in colour, there is 0.05% or greater of oxygen in the environment, meaning the absorber is in use, or has been used.


Main functions of oxygen absorbers

1) Prevents oxidation of fats

2) Prevents microbial growth

3) Prevents mold growth

4) Prevents discolouration

5) Prevents degradation in flavour, taste and nutrient content

6) Protects against insects and pests

We also stock OxyEyeTM oxygen indicators separately, so that you can check and monitor the O2 levels within the sealed environment easily.

All OxyFree products are food-safe, non-toxic and comply with FDA and EU regulations. OxyFree oxygen absorbers are produced in a ISO9001 certified environment.

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