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OxyEye Oxygen Indicators

Oxygen indicators are a great resource that allows you to monitor the oxygen volume within a sealed environment at a glance. They provide an accurate and up to date visual sign that the O2 levels within packaging are low enough to prevent spoiling of the contents.

OxyEyeTMoxygen indicators change colour from a bright pink colour when O2 levels are below 0.01% to a blue/purple colour when O2 levels are above 0.05%.


Keeping oxygen levels below 0.05% inhibits the growth of pathogens and mold, prevents rancidity and discolouration and the oxidation of fats, thus increasing shelf life of the stored product. It also preserves the taste, colour and nutrient content of packaged food.

Oxygen indicators can be used to test the functionality of oxygen absorbers, as well as the permeability of storage containers including plastic bags, vacuum sealing bags and clear jars. They can also be used to alert you to the presence of pinholes that allow oxygen transmission, which may not otherwise be visible to the naked eye.

OxyEyeTM O2 indicators are supplied in transparent, vacuum sealed bags. They come in packs of 10, 50 and 100. Once the pack is open, the oxygen indicator will change colour from pink to purple/blue within around 30 seconds, indicating the presence of oxygen in the air. Place one oxygen indicator within the packaging/jar, so that it is visible from the outside, and seal or close the packaging. Unused O2 indicators can be resealed for later use. Within 3-4 hours the purple/blue indicator should return to pink in colour. If this does not happen, there is more than 0.05% oxygen present in the closed environment, indicating that the oxygen absorbers aren’t working, or the environment is not sealed.

Mylar Shop stocks only genuine OxyFree branded OxyEyeTM O2 indicators. We do not recommend buying generic, non-branded oxygen indicators.

All master packs of oxygen absorbers we supply come with an OxyEyeTM indicator in the pack. Master packs are 200 packs of our 20cc oxygen absorber, 200 packs of our 50cc absorber, 100 packs of our 100cc absorber, 20 and 50 packs of our 300cc absorber and 10 packs of our 2,000cc absorber. We also supply OyeEyeTM Oindicators separately.

OxyEyeTM oxygen indicators should be stored in a cool, dark place, ideally a refrigerator, and used within 12 months. They can be reused, but Mylar Shop recommends using a fresh O2 indicator each time.

If you have any questions about using OxyEyeTM O2 indicators, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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