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DogProof Mylar Bags – Are Mylar Bags Used to Store Drugs?

DogProof Mylar Bags – Are Mylar Bags Used to Store Drugs

Mylar as a material has many useful properties, which when combined can offer a unique storage and packaging solution. The barrier protection of metallised plastic bags, such as Mylar, is the main reason why so many different industries use Mylar as a material. This barrier protection, combined with the relative lightness, strength and flexibility that Mylar offers, make Mylar a very wise choice for a whole range of applications. Mylar bags are often described as being like flexible steel or aluminium cans, as they can offer a similar airtightness to canning, with far greater flexibility and less weight.

Mylar has been used as a material for storing and transporting drugs, both legal and illegal, for many decades now, and the reason for this is simple; Mylar provides the best barrier protection at the lightest weight of all materials that are readily available. Barrier protection simply means that air, moisture, odours etc. that are inside the Mylar don’t escape to the outside environment, and air, moisture, odours etc. from the outside environment don’t get inside the bag. This is particularly important when the substance inside the bag has a potent or distinct odour that needs to be concealed.

In many countries in recent years, marijuana has become legal, or at least decriminalised for recreational use. Legal dispensaries and outlets have popped up in countries as diverse as Uruguay and Luxembourg, as well as in many states and Territories in the USA and Australia. Still more countries have legalised marijuana for medical use.

Mylar bags ensure the freshness of the product, and keep a secure and safe barrier between the inside and outside of the packaging, to avoid contamination and keep odours contained. Mylar can also be printed with branding and important information for the user. Child-safe openings are also common, ensuring that only adults can open the packet. Heat-sealing the bag further maintains the integrity of the barrier.

While correctly storing marijuana inside sealed Mylar bags will almost certainly make the contents undetectable to humans, it is unlikely to go unnoticed by our canine friends. Claims have been made that storing drugs inside Mylar bags make the contents undetectable to narcotics dogs, but these claims are untested, and in our view unlikely to be true. Dogs have around 50 times as many scent receptors as humans, and a sense of smell that is at least 10,000 times more acute. Dogs that are trained to detect narcotics have up to 100,000 times more acute olfactory senses than us, so are used at airports, borders etc. to stop the trafficking of illegal materials.

In short, Mylar is an ideal material for keeping drugs and medicines fresh and untainted by the external environment, whilst keeping any smells in, but they are unlikely to fool the incredible senses of drugs dogs used by law enforcement agencies worldwide. Mylar Shop always advocates abiding by the law regarding drugs and narcotics in your jurisdiction.

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