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Where to Buy Mylar Bags in the UK

Mylar Bags in the UK

Looking for Mylar Bags in the UK?

It’s no surprise that you’re looking for Mylar bags in the UK as they have until recently been quite hard to get hold of here. Most retailers of long-term food storage products are based in the USA, and often do not ship to UK. If they do ship to the UK, the shipping prices are very high, and UK taxes and duties can add an unpredictable extra cost.

The USA has undoubtedly pioneered the use of Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers for long-term food storage, with preppers and survivalists in America using them since the 1990s. Sourcing quality Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers outside the USA, and in the UK in particular, used to be a very complicated and expensive process, with UK preppers often having to wait weeks and pay extra costs in shipping and import taxes, duties and charges when buying from US retailers, but that is now beginning to change.

Aren’t bags bought from the USA better quality?

Many retailers like to make a point about their bags being manufactured in the USA. The reality is that the vast majority of Mylar bags are manufactured in China, not the United States. The quality of any bag, regardless of the country of origin, is primarily determined by the thickness (gauge) of the bag. A US made Mylar bag that is 2.5mil (63.5 microns) thick is not going to provide better protection than a 3.5mil (89 microns) thick bag that is made in China. If the country of manufacture is of great importance to you as the customer, we would always advise you to ask for proof from the seller that the bag is indeed made in the USA. In our experience, most retailers who advertise their bags as Made in the USA, are reluctant to provide such evidence.

You should also check the thickness or gauge of the bags sold, as some retailers neglect to specify this vital information. A thicker bag is not always better for your needs than a thinner bag, as thinner bags (minimum 3.5mil, 89 microns), are more flexible, thus easier to use, cheaper, and are perfectly suitable for some applications, particularly short to medium term storage, and packaging. Thicker bags will, however, provide far better resistant to heat, light, moisture and gas transmission, so food and products stored in them will last longer.

Why can’t I buy high quality Mylar Bags from a UK shop?

Well now you can! At Mylar Shop we have been sourcing Mylar bags, as well as oxygen absorbers and silica gel desiccants since 2012, so we have over a decade of experience of the products we sell and comprehensive knowledge of our market. We now stock over 20 different bags, in varying sizes, thicknesses, and colours, so are sure to have a product that meets our customer’s requirements. Holding a large amount of stock, and being based in the UK, we are best placed to provide quality long-term food storage products, at the best prices available, and with all in-stock products ready to ship. Being based in the UK, there is now no need to wait weeks and incur any extra charges to receive your order, just pay for the products and postage costs, and you will receive your order within a few days. All products we sell are food-grade, and we are most than happy to provide advice both before and after you purchase. In the event that a product is not perfect for your needs, you can also return them easily and cheaply for a full refund or exchange.

Why does quality matter in Mylar Bags?

Most of our customers are interested in buying Mylar bags to store food for the long-term, ensuring nutritious food for themselves and their families in the event of food shortages. It would be a false economy to spend time and money buying food, and storing it in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, if the bags fail to protect the contents from light, air transmission and pests, all of which can lead to spoilage of the food. This is why we sell the thickest possible 7.0mil (178 microns) Mylar bags for this purpose. We call these bags Heavy Duty (HD) bags, and they are currently available in 5 different sizes, ranging from 20cm x 30cm, to 48cm x 74cm. Smaller bags, which would be too inflexible to be useful if they were 7.0mil thick, are generally 5.1mil (130 microns) thick. These range in size from our smallest 7.5cm x 10cm pouches, right up to 48cm x 74cm bags. We also sell bags in 3.5mil (89 microns) thickness, for shorter term storage, and food packaging. 

How do you ship your Mylar Bags in the UK?

Mylar Shop has a great deal of shipping expertise when it comes to Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, to the United Kingdom and beyond! One important factor when shipping Mylar bags, no matter where they may be going to, is the acknowledgement of the rough ride they’ll be facing on their way to the customer! For instance many online Mylar bag retailers, in the UK and elsewhere, will double-fold their Mylar bags which can create pin-point holes in the lining and when a journey from the United States to the UK is involved these holes will become significant enough to create a real problem for proper long-term food storage. Here at Mylar Shop we make sure to never double-fold our Mylar bags and they will reach you in the same pristine condition that they reached us! We also offer courier delivery to get your Mylar bags to you fast! Mylar Shop can have the highest quality Mylar bags straight to your door in no time at all!

Check out the Full Range of Mylar Bags sold in Mylar Shop!

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