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Holidays and Vacations

Holidays and vacations

Have you ever been away on holiday or vacation, you arrive at your destination, everything seems great, you open your suitcase, only to find suntan lotion, shower gel or moisturiser all over your cleaned and pressed holiday clothes? Often this happens even when you take care to tape down the lids of liquid products, or even store them in individual plastic bags. This is a frustrating and all too common problem. A similar problem occurs when taking liquids back home. You may take a fancy to a local beverage, and want to take some back with you, only to decide against it when you consider the potential difficulties of liquids leaking into your case.

At Mylar Shop, we have a range of different sizes of Mylar bags, all of which are heat-sealable, and many of which are also zip-lock sealable. Our bags are not only liquid proof, they’re actually airtight. This means that even if the bottle or container in which your liquid (be it perfume, cologne, shower gel, alcohol or soft drinks) breaks, the liquid will remain contained within the bag. You probably won’t want to use the liquid in this case, but it will prevent your clothes and valuables from being covered in sunscreen, or local wine or spirits.

Mylar bags are also ideal for keeping valuables safe and separate from your other luggage when travelling. Maybe it wouldn’t be that inconvenient for the liquids in your suitcase to spill onto your clothing or towels, they can always be washed, but you may feel differently if it were your favourite watch or an expensive mobile phone, camera or tablet. Simply keep these precious items enclosed in their own little environments, safe from extremes of temperature, light and moisture. With Mylar Shop selling both Grip-Seal Mylar bags and Heat-Seal Mylar bags you can be sure to find the Mylar bag for you!

There are also a multitude of uses for Mylar bags when you’re away, whether for taking snacks with you on adventures, keeping baby formula in a convenient and accessible package while out, or safely packaging items to take home with you as souvenirs. Whatever kind of holiday you like to take, you’ll be sure to find Mylar bags useful to you in hundreds of different ways.

Check out the Full Range of Mylar Bags sold in Mylar Shop!

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