300cc Oxygen Absorbers

Highest quality oxygen absorbers from OxyFree with OxyEye indicator in all full packs of 20 up. Perfect size for medium Mylar bags!

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10 x 300cc Oxygen Absorbers


20 x 300cc Oxygen Absorbers


50 x 300cc Oxygen Absorbers


100 x 300cc Oxygen Absorbers


250 x 300cc Oxygen Absorbers


500 x 300cc Oxygen Absorbers


1000 x 300cc Oxygen Absorbers(50 packs)


1000 x 300cc Oxygen Absorbers(20 packs)


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    • High quality OxyFree 300cc oxygen absorbers
    • Vacuum packed to ensure freshness
    • Food grade – safe for food storage
    • Pack sizes of 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1,000 (full box)
    • Ideal size for all bag sizes between 20cm x 25cm and 25cm x 40cm

    Our 300cc oxygen absorbers are of the highest quality and factory vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness. Oxygen absorbers start working (absorbing oxygen) from the atmosphere within minutes of being exposed to air, i.e. when the package is opened.

    300cc oxygen absorbers are the perfect size for our 20cm x 25cm zip-lock bag, 20cm x 30cm bags in both standard and Heavy Duty thickness, 24cm x 34cm zip-lock bag, 25cm x 35cm bags in both standard and Heavy Duty thickness and Heavy Duty 25cm x 40cm zip-lock bag.

    All full packs of 300cc oxygen absorbers (20 and 50 absorbers) come with OxyEyeTM oxygen indicator that changes colour from pale pink to dark blue/purple when exposed to oxygen.

    100 packs come as 2 x 50 packs, 250 packs come as 5 x 50 packs, 500 packs come as 10 x 50 packs and 1,000 packs come as 20 x 50 packs, or 50 x 20 packs.

    Simply place one oxygen absorber in your bag, with contents, press out as much air as possible and seal the top using a normal iron or heat-sealer.

    Each oxygen absorber measures approximately 70mm x 50mm x 3mm.

Customer Reviews

  • My order was shipped the same day and the guy on the phone was very helpful and patient in answering all my questions, even though I was only buying one 50 pack. Thanks a lot.

    Kevin Oakley ,
    10 December 2017
  • Good quality Oxys, never had a problem with these working. Unlike some other places. See you soon guys!

    dfgfd gdfg ,
    15 March 2015
  • Like the way you can see when they're used or not. Bags suck in nicely so I know they're working :-) Good service!

    Dave Dave ,
    06 January 2015