Medium Mylar Bag – Oxygen Absorber Bundle

This Bundle consists of 50 OxyFree 300cc Oxygen Absorbers and 50 of our 25cm x 35cm Mylar bags.

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This Bundle consists of 50 OxyFree 300cc Oxygen Absorbers and 50 of our 25cm x 35cm Mylar bags.

Welcome to our range of high quality Mylar bag and Oxygen Absorber bundles! If you’re looking to store items long-term and want to save the hassle and price of buying your Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers separately then our great bundles will be just the thing for you!

Can be used with our 60g silica gel desiccants.

Mylar bags are the ideal solution for all your storage needs, providing a safe and secure environment for your perishable and valuable goods.

Customer Reviews

  • Super early delivery! Great supplier! Have used before and would highly recommend! A****

    Jean Davidson ,
    11 May 2023
  • They are indeed high quality, but I wish they had an individual, or 10 by 10 wrapping for the oxigen absorbers because you need to fill all 50 bags at
    the same time because of the oxigen absorbers.

    Alina Gheorghe ,
    20 March 2019
  • You can fit a lot in these bags, but they're still easy to seal with a heat sealer. The oxygen absorbers are also the best I have used.

    Helen Lindqvist ,
    13 December 2017
  • Good quality product and the postage rates are also fair. Some sellers charge over double for UK postage.

    Kevin Oakley ,
    10 December 2017
  • Very good value. Saved me money buying the bags and oxygen scavengers together. Thanks a lot.

    Billy ,
    20 January 2017