Medium HD Mylar Bag – Oxygen Absorber Bundle

OUR BEST SELLING BUNDLE FOR LONG-TERM FOOD STORAGE. This Bundle consists of 2 x 20 OxyFree 300cc Oxygen Absorbers and 40 of our 25cm x 35cm Heavy Duty Mylar bags.

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This Bundle consists of 2 x 20 OxyFree 300cc Oxygen Absorbers and 40 of our 25cm x 35cm HD Mylar bags.

Welcome to our range of high quality Mylar bag and Oxygen Absorber bundles! If you’re looking to store items long-term and want to save the hassle and price of buying your Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers separately then our great bundles will be just the thing for you!

Can be used with our 60g silica gel desiccants.

Mylar bags are the ideal solution for all your storage needs, providing a safe and secure environment for your perishable and valuable goods.

Customer Reviews

  • Sacs de qualité Mylar et absorbeur d'oxygène un bon prix avec le code de rduction applique. La livraison par DHL a pris seulement 3 jours tu Paris.

    Marie Durand ,
    08 June 2022
  • I'm from the UK and new to storing foods in Mylar bags for long term food storage. After looking at many prepper sites covering Mylar bags on You Tube
    in the USA, they mainly recommended the heavy duty (HD) for very long term storage. I found the Mylar Shop online, and these bundles they sell are
    fabulous and the extra information given on this site regards foods to store etc. is second to none. I have just placed my second order for the medium
    (1 gallon size) bundle and 20x30cm HD (½ gallon) bundle, with an extra pack of the 300cc oxygen absorbers for good measure as some items like dried
    beans which pack less densely so leave more air require 2 of the oxygen absorbers. In all I am very pleased with the bags which are strong, very good
    quality and easy to use, and the Mylar Shop which shipped my order securely and quickly. If you are new to storing foods in mylar bags, buy with
    confidence from this company!

    Paula Ireland ,
    10 August 2021
  • Really impressed with the quality of these bags, and the price is excellent with the oxygen absorbers bought together.

    Trudy Michelle ,
    18 October 2017